I’m Roy A. Cui, also known as EyeConArtist. Currently, I have well over 20 plus years of Photoshop experiencing. When I first became obsessed with it, Photoshop was still in it’s infancy, version 2.0, before layers. My origins started in Photography, merged into print, and then entertainment key art finishing. That’s where I wanted to be when I started off. Dream achieved!

About 10 years ago I became involved in a campaign for Jennifer Seibel Newsom for the The Keep It Real Challenge for her foundation, The Representation Project, shortly after the release of her documentary Miss-Representation. My part was creating a video telling the truth about retouching and reshaping the female form. It blew up for a minute and I participated in conferences to educate young women about the truth. I also went to Capitol Hill to contribute to the presentation for the bill that became the Truth In Advertising Act.

That said, I no longer retouch for the beauty or fashion industries, and only have my retouching work before I spoke out. In regards to retouching involved in key art finishing, it’s only done to help polish the artwork, not to falsely represent what the person actually looks like. My passion is in art, entertainment and photography, not deception. I’ve strived hard to maintain a standard of high quality and organized finishing.

Hope that wasn’t too heavy for you and to work with you in the near future. Let’s connect!